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Respira is guest at BNR news radio 'Wetenschap Vandaag'

Respira is guest at BNR news radio 'Wetenschap Vandaag'  to talk about the laughing gas problem. Lachgas probleem, ongelukken op de weg door lachgas. Ademsensor voor lachgas.

Pepijn van Rutten was guest at BNR news radio to talk about Respira. In an interesting talk with Karlijn Meinders, we spoke about the laughing gas problem in the Netherlands and how our device can hopefully help reduce the number of accidents due to driving under the influence of laughing gas. As we have seen in the past with alcohol testing, the increased perceived chance of getting caught may reduce the number of people doing so.

Listen to the whole 4 minute conversation with Karlijn on BNR Wetenschap Vandaag (in Dutch) here.



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