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laughing gas accidents

We make the world's first breathalyzer

for laughing gas detection 

What we do

Driving under the influence of
laughing gas is
an increasing trend...


... and we need to do something about it

Laughing gas, also called nitrous oxide, ranks among the top 3 most used drugs in many European countries. It's the third most used drug in the Netherlands, and the second in the United Kingdom. Laughing gas reduces motor skills, causes uncontrollable laughter and even hallucinations. 


Driving under the influence of laughing gas is extremely dangerous for the driver and fellow road users. And in the past few years, the usage of laughing gas behind the wheel has skyrocketed. In the Netherlands alone, more than 120 mostly young people become severely injured and more than 20 die every year in laughing gas related traffic accidents. Since 2023, laughing gas is illegal in the Netherlands and the UK. 

Respira NitrousTest

Quantify laughing gas in breath reliably

No more guesswork.

Respira's portable NitrousTest is the world's first device that provides reliable quantification of laughing gas in breath. The test result can be useful as evidence for prosecution in court. NitrousTest works similar to an alcohol test. Simply breathe into the device and see the test result within minutes. As we have seen in the past with alcohol testing, we expect a strong preventative effect when drivers know they can get caught.

First generation portable NitrousTest prototype

Laughing gas sensor. Lachgas detectie apparaat.

Accurate and reliable measurements.

Everywhere you go.

Respira's NitrousTest device utilises state-of-the-art knowledge developed at the Vrije Universiteit LaserLab in Amsterdam, ensuring an unbeatable accuracy with virtually no false positive or negatives. Our gas analysis is specific to laughing gas, so you know exactly what you measure. The NitrousTest device can measure as little as 10 ppm of nitrous oxide in breath. This allows for accurate detection of laughing gas in breath even half an hour after it was inhaled.

Simple, intuitive and quick.

The portable NitrousTest design offers maximum convenience. A simple user interface with just three buttons lets you easily do everything from performing tests to viewing data stored on the device.


Our technology allows for quick and accurate testing on site. Depending on jurisdiction, the device will display a simple 'yes' or 'no' result, or a concentration level of laughing gas in breath. We will offer complementary removable mouthpieces for optimal hygiene. 

First generation portable NitrousTest prototype

Laughing gas testing device. Lachgas test. Lachgas adem apparaat. Lachgas detector.

Our platform technology has unlimited potential.

In addition to laughing gas, we have already shown excellent accuracy in detection of CO2 and acetone in our lab. Our technology allows for easy conversion to detection of other molecules in breath. This encompasses the use case of drug testing. Our technology is capable of detecting very little amounts of biomarkers in breath, allowing for non-invasive health monitoring and pre-symptomatic disease detection. 


Respira's NitrousTest device is a first step towards our broader breath analysis platform that will contribute to a safer and healthier society.

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 14.20_edited.jpg

Our mission is to decipher the hidden 
information in every breath we take.
For a safer and healthier society.


Meet Our Team

Edcel Salumbides. Team Respira. Laughing gas detection. Lachgas detectie.

Edcel Salumbides

Project Lead

Phd. in Physics

​'I challenge myself to apply ideas and techniques, developed at our scientific labs, towards practical and sustainable solutions of important societal and environmental problems'

Pepijn van Rutten. Team Respira. Laughing gas detection. Lachgas detectie.

Pepijn van Rutten

Business Development

BSc. Science Business & Innovation 

'I am driven to solve pressing societal issues like the laughing gas problem by bringing impactful research to society'

Omar Cali Gundur. Team Respira. Laughing gas detection. Lachgas detectie.

Omar Cali Gundur


BSc. Mechanical Engineering

'I find beauty in transforming ideas into real and functional systems by taking small steps in prototyping that often result in an unexpected greater whole'

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